21MT is an Australian company committed to implementing innovative technologies in the tunnelling and mining industries. Backed by an expert team who are acutely aware of the challenges surrounding the operation of an efficient excavation cycle, we identified and responded to industry demand for highly accurate “real-time” scan data. Our approach is unobtrusive, cost-efficient, and unparalleled in the industry.


21MT is a Brisbane based company established in 2015. While our venture has rapidly grown since, our goal remains steadfast and unchanged. 21MT seeks to advance existing mining and tunnelling technology with modern innovations. We aim to explore untapped potential in the industry, challenge the status quo, and deliver safer, more effective solutions.

Our services implement the latest LIDAR technologies to provide instant visual feedback to operators in a wide array of potential applications, including but not limited to shotcrete applications, scanning membranes, measurements of excavation volumes, and convergence monitoring. Live data and detailed reports are available to clients to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

21MT is proudly supported by a global network of leading industry partners that allow us to offer our customers the best technology and deliver superior results.

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